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The eagle apparently thought his bald head was a rock that it could crack the tortoise on! Early Romans used porcupine quills as toothpicks. The largest naval battle of ancient times was the Battle of Salamis in 480BC when 371 Greek ships defeated 1,271 Persian ships. Around 200,000 soldiers and sailors are thought to have fought. 35 The Hideous Classical Period During the siege of Megara, Greece, the Megarians poured oil over a herd of pigs, set fire to them, then drove the pigs towards the war elephants of their enemies.

The pedagogue had a stick with which to beat the child if he didn’t work or was naughty. Imagine having a slave employed to hit you with a stick! 56 The Romans had gods to guard their toilets! Crepitus was god of the toilet and Cloacina was goddess of the public sewer. 1001 Hideous History Facts Emperor Nero used to watch gladiatorial games with the aid of an emerald – possibly the first recorded use of a lens to help someone see. The screams of the injured people buried under the rubble could be heard all day and night.

It’s been downhill ever since. On becoming a gladiator, a man had to sign a contract agreeing to let his employers burn him, chain him up, whip him and even kill him. Not good terms of employment! 59 The Hideous Classical Period A scary lightning strike in AD228 led the Romans to bury two Greeks and two Celts under the Forum (the centre of justice and business in ancient Rome) while they were still alive. It was supposed to stop the gods being angry and sending more lightning. 60 The first nation to make Christianity its official religion was Armenia, in AD301.

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