Edward R. Rosset's 1500 structured tests: level 2, 2nd edition PDF

By Edward R. Rosset

ISBN-10: 8478732195

ISBN-13: 9788478732197

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A) more and more better b) best c) better and better d) more better 10. The injured man was getting ... a) weaker and weaker b) more and more weak c) most weak d) weak and weak 36 USED TO DO - BE USED TO DOING 1. When she was young she used to ... up quite early. a) to get b) getting c) get d) getting 2. My father is not used ... in queues. a) to wait b) to waiting c) waiting d) wait 3. When I lived in London I used ... to the cinema very often. a) go b) to go c) going d) to going 4. He is broke but he is used ...

Fifty hooligans at the football match yesterday. a) had arrested b) were arrested c) were arresting d) had been arrested when we got there. b) being cleaned d) been clean 5. The children climbed the wall without shot this morning. b) was d) has been a) seeing been c) to be seen b) being seing d) being seen 6. I have never a) being bitten c) was bitten by a dog. b) been bitten d) was biting 7. Many accidents drivers. a) are caused c) have cause by careless 16. He hates ... waiting. a) be kept b) being keep c) being kept d) been kept b) are cause d) have caused 17.

A) is very afraid b) has very afraid c) has much fear d) is much afraid 6. a) b) c) d) The The The The of mice. b) has afraid d) is fear 16. ' a) had he so hungry b) was he so hunger c) was he so hungry d) had he so hunger baby has a lot of sleep. baby is very sleep. baby is very sleepy. baby has much sleep. 7. The train five minutes late. a) comes with b) is c) has d) arrives with 17. ' a) had you so much sleep b) were you so sleepy c) had yo so much sleepy d) had you so much sleep 8. How that building?

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