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By Waltraud Q. Morales

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Compliment for the former version: ...the author's devotion to Bolivia and situation for its destiny shines through...Recommended.--Choice

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Pizarro first sent out a priest to meet Atahuallpa and to offer the emperor conversion on the spot to Christianity. When the Sapa-Inca quite naturally refused, Pizarro had all the pretext he needed, and the Spaniards unleashed a vicious, unforgiving ambush. The attack by cannon, harquebus, crossbow, lance, and sword caught the Inca entirely unprepared, and a slaughter ensued. Several hundred, perhaps more than 1,000, Inca were killed there and then, and Atahuallpa was taken captive without the loss of a single Spanish life.

Back in 1503, the Spanish Crown had also adopted a legal device known as the encomienda, which assigned the legal rights over Indians in the Spanish colonies of the Americas to designated Spanish explorers and conquerors. A grant served as both a reward and an obligation to the recipient: The encomendero, as the “one who is entrusted,” was charged with supervising the physical and spiritual well-being of the Indians; in return, he benefited from the free labor and the communal lands of the Indians in his trust.

The Spanish leader realized the potentially desperate situation he was in, facing a huge army of Indian warriors, so he put in place a plan of savage deceit whose success exceeded what must have been his wildest hopes. He enticed Atahuallpa to a meeting in the town plaza 17 A BRIEF HISTORY OF BOLIVIA of Cajamarca, and the Sapa-Inca, who apparently felt invincible after his recent victory and unthreatened by these strange outsiders, came with only a small bodyguard, leaving the bulk of his army encamped nearby.

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