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By John McTaggart Ellis McTaggart

Крупнейший представитель британского неогегельянства Дж. Э. Мак-Таггарт анализирует «Науку логики» Гегеля, исследуя диалектику перехода Бытия в Абсолютную Идею. Рассматриваются ключевые понятия гегелевской логики – качество, количество, мера, сущность и явление, действительность, субъект, объект, идея.
Для философов и историков философии.

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The firmament. The phenomena prove that, for the firmament is transparent and therefore related to air and to water. The stars, on the other hand, are of fiery matter which their qualities show, colour and light, their warmth and their mutual blocking of lights. Only two of the simple elements have that quality, earth and fire (and by ‘fire’ Philoponus here means the flame). Therefore the Bible-passage runs “Let there be celestial bodies in the firmament of heaven”, since they are made of another substance than the firmament and have been put into the firmament from outside.

Below, chapters 5 (‘Spherical versus rectangular world’) and 6 (‘Heaven’). M. 2. 27 Ibid. 3. ’ And so it was. The water below the heaven gathered in its gathering-places, and the dry became visible. God named the dry ‘earth’, and the system of gathering-places of waters he named ‘seas’. God saw that it was good. God said: ‘Let the earth grow fodder grass, seed to sow, according to its own species and likeness, and fruit-trees bearing fruit with its own seed in it, according to its species on the earth.

But he did not create her from the man’s back either, in order that the man might not get advantage over the woman. He created her from the man’s side, since she is like the man by nature. Even if the man is before her, the reason for 43 ∆Ek 42 th'" pleura'" tou' ajndro;" th;n gunai'ka pepoivhken oJ Qeov". this is time. He is not superior to her by his nature. Further, since the arm all the time covers and protects the side, God created female out of male and male out of earth and called on them both to become one flesh.

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