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By Professor Richard Hubert Bruck (auth.)

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If cp is a homomorphism of G upon a cancellation groupoid K then cp E (/> and hence cp = () cx where cx: I"'-+ x cp, is a homomorphism of H upon K. The second proof uses intemal properties of G. We define a congruence relation (==) on G by means of the following rules: (E1) If a = b in G then a == b. (E 2) If a == b then b == a. (E 3) If a == b and b == c then a == c. (C1) If a == band if c E G then ac == bc. (C 2) If a ==band if c E G then ca == cb. (SI) If ac == bc then a == b. (S 2) If ca == cb then a == b.

Hence a = ea" and therefore ea = e(ea") = (ee)a"= ea"= a. That is, e is an identity element for G. In particular, a = ea" = a". Hence aa' = e implies a'a = e. If also aa1 = e then a' = a'e = a'(aa1) = (a'a)~ = e~ = ~· Thus a' is uniquely defined by a and we write a' = a-1 • If a,bEG,a(a-1b)=(aa-1 )b=eb=b. Hence the equation ax=b has at least one solution x in G. Conversely, if a x = b, then a- 1b = a-1 (ax) = (a- 1a) x == e x = x, so the solution is unique. Similarly, the equation ya = b has one and only one solution in G, namely y = ba-1 • Therefore G is an associative loop; that is, a group.

Cx). ]) = [f(xv .. , x")] for each operation I of G and all X; in G. The mapping () defined by x() = [x] is a homomorphism of G upon G/cx; conversely, each homomorphism of G upon an algebra of the same type as G uniquely determines a congruence. A satisfactory theory of homomorphisms or congruences has been developed for those algebras which have the property that every two congruences commute. This is along lattice-theoretic lines (see BIRKHOFF, loc. ). If we define a primitive class of algebras to be the set of all algebras with a prescribed set of (finitary) operations and identical relations, MALCEV [24] has given a necessary and sufficient condition that all congruences should commute for every algebra of a primitive dass: There must exist a polynomial P(x, y, z) (a function defined by iteration of the operations) such that P (x, x, y) = y, P (x, y, y) = x are identities lor each ol the algebras.

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