R. Mueller's Air Force Bases [U.S.] [V. 2 - Outside U.S.] PDF

By R. Mueller

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The sources in Maxwell’s equations are formed by weighted averaging of particle data to the field grid, using quadratic spline interpolation. Particle velocities and positions are defined in continuous (r, γv)-space, and particles obey the relativistic equations of motion. The grid size used in the main experiment was (x, y, z) = 200 × 200 × 800, with 25 particles per cell, for a total of 8 × 108 particles, with ion to electron mass ratio mi /me = 16. 2 Simulations 57 Fig. 1: The left hand side panel shows the longitudinal electron current density through a transverse cut at z = 100, with a small inset showing the ion current in the same plane.

On a small problem, of todays standards, such as a 1283 mesh per CPU, the amount of cache taken by just one array is already 8 MB. That means the stagger code is already beginning to be memory bandwidth limited, and not limited by the speed of the CPU at this problem size. In the new Paper Code, the basic scope is instead a slice in the x − y plane (see Fig. 15); hence the name. The above lines of code would then be written: do kk=ks,ke call xdn_set(rho,xdnr) call ydn_set(rho,ydnr) call zdn_set(rho,zdnr) end where the kk-loop runs over the papers.

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Air Force Bases [U.S.] [V. 2 - Outside U.S.] by R. Mueller

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