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The Southern Colonies were mostly large farms. These colonists grew cash crops, or crops that can be sold. They raised cotton and tobacco. They grew sugar. The colonists sold these crops to other colonists and to England. People built their homes out of wood and stone. The first homes were just one room—the kitchen. Colonists burned wood in a fireplace. This kept them warm and was used for cooking. The homes had very little furniture. Children did not go to school. Some learned lessons at home.

Were called A pupil B crayon C grammar D ordinary 8 is the act of the government collecting money from the people. A Movement B Declaration C Arrangement D Taxation 41 5/20/13 11:11 AM name _________________________________________ date ____________________________ The Colonies become a nation, 1754–1820s Events Leading to the American Revolution Read the passage. Then choose the best answer for each item. Britain had to fight for its American land. It had to fight Native Americans. It had to fight other countries.

A He went to get supplies that the colonists needed from England. B He went to fight for England during the war with Spain. C He went to get more people from England to help maintain the colony. D He went to bring his family from England to the colony. 3 What was the reason for celebrating the first Thanksgiving? A the first use of indigo as an American cash crop B the first Europeans to discover North America C the first colonists to arrive at Jamestown D the first harvest at the Plymouth Plantation 4 What was one of the main things that attracted colonists to America?

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