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By Levy, Richard S., Lindemann, Albert S. & Richard S. Levy

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On a more historically verifiable level, the many other Hamans of Jewish tradition have included Saint John Chrysostom, Martin Luther, and Bogdan Chmielnicki—each of whom have historically been revered by Catholics, Protestants, or Ukrainians, who read their own history in a different way than do most Jews. It is often the case that one people’s villain is another’s hero. The issue of sympathetic understanding has emerged with particular acrimony in efforts to understand the Third Reich and the Holocaust.

Blaming the Christian world collectively for its centuries of oppression of Jews has long been an element of Jewish self-definition. Similarly, an element of Christian belief has long been that Jews collectively hate them, their savior, and all that Christianity stands for in terms of genuine human equality before God. Obviously the finger-pointing in each direction cannot be termed exactly comparable, again because of the issue of power: The historic powerlessness of Jews, their small populations, and the undeniable reality of their suffering over the centuries give a substantially different tenor to the mutual charges.

Jewish leaders were also concerned with survival, and that concern inevitably entailed many convoluted compromises in dealing with Gentiles, a point all the more relevant for the ordinary population of Jews, often living as a tiny minority among non-Jews. PHARAOH’S JEWISH PROBLEM Throughout history both Jews and non-Jews have developed self-affirming narratives about themselves and disparaging counter-narratives about each other. These dueling narratives were often based on the same biblical texts, but each group found remarkably different meanings in them.

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