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Military historical past is released via the U.S. military heart of army background.

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It is a question which Marx considers in his discus­ sion of the French peasantry in The Eighteenth Bmmaire of Louis Bonaparte: The small-holding peasants form a vast mass, the members of which live in similar conditions but without entering into manifold relations with one another. Their mode of production isolates them from one another instead of bringing them into mutual intercourse . . In so far as millions of families live under economic conditions of existence that separate their mode of life, their interests and their culture from those of other classes, and put them in hostile opposition to the latter, they for� a class.

We may ask, too, whether he regards this historical dialectic as inevitable. In the Communist Manifesto he declares that the downfall of the bourgeoisie and the victory of the proletariat 'are alike inevitable'; and in Capital he writes of the laws of capitalism as 'working with iron necessity towards inevitable results' (C Vol. 1 9) . Elsewhere, however, Marx pours scorn on the idea that there is an entity called History which operates in deter­ ministic style through human beings: 46 . . History does nothing, it 'possesses no immense wealth', it 'wages no battles'.

If, then, we leave out of consideration the use-value of commodities, they have only one property left, that of being products of labour. (C Vol . 1 3 7) Commodities for Marx are thus duplicitous entities living a double life} since what actually makes them commodities is curiously inde pe ndent of their material properties. They exist purely to be exchanged; and one commodity} despite all sensuous appearances} is exactly equal to any other commodity which embodies the same quantity of labour 30 power.

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