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In addition, protest and civil society groups have targeted the summit since its very beginning and over recent years have been included in the policy of outreach. Both of these groups will be discussed in more detail in the following chapters. The world’s media are an important conduit through which the summit is understood by the peoples of the world and the 26 Organization and Functioning press media in its broadsheet form have often carried each summit’s communiqué on its pages. Originally only a few hundred media representatives attended the 1975 Rambouillet Summit but preparations were made to welcome 4,000 journalists to Okinawa in 2000.

It was Chirac’s intention that this initiative should be institutionalized within the annual summit, although it was limited the following year to select African and Middle Eastern leaders by the US government in its role as host of the 2004 Sea Island Summit. The US Through the vision of Henry Kissinger, the US can claim a hand in creating the G7. Equally, the early history of the G7/8 is also the history of the decline of US hegemony and the G7 was originally seen as a mechanism to jointly manage global hegemony.

2). Topics for discussion also demonstrated a degree of consistency by centring upon African aid and debt relief, terrorism, and environmental issues. The 2003 Evian Summit began this new cycle of a genuine G8 with Russia fully integrated. However, it also continued the process of History and Development 15 outreach to non-G8 members and included China as part of a dialogue meeting for the first time. Media attention was placed on the divisions that had emerged between Continental Europe and the Anglo-American allies over the War in Iraq of earlier that same year.

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