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Analytic" functions of the type f(0) = fo + fiO, with /o,i being arbitrary complex numbers, constitute a two dimensional space. t. 6 can be defined as ;>> = * 19 20 2. Preliminaries and /o can be reached by taking 1 9f(9) = foe . 1) /o> /i) fi and fa being complex numbers. 1) fa can be reached by 00f(0,§) = f06 and / i , fa respectively by ^{emS)} = -he, ^{eme)} = -f2e. B. For consistency, each of the above partial derivatives has to anticommute with 6 and 6. 2a) o = Jd0 = Jd8=Jde^ms) = Jd0^ms).

Khare and U. Sukhatme, Phys. Rep. 251 (1995) 267; op. cit, Bibl. P. Misra, op. cit, Bibl. F. Sohnius, loc. cit, Bibl. 1 Supersymmetry Algebra Let us start with the fullest continuous spacetime symmetry of particle interactions observed so far, namely that of the Poincare group. e. rf° = r]oo = 1 and rypr = r\w = —5W with p, r being spatial indices. The Lie algebra of the ten parameter Poincare group is defined through inhomogenous Lorentz transformations ** = (<*"„ + < ) / + a", u v = -w„ M , in the neighborhood of the identity, where wMJ/ is a second rank antisymmetric constant tensor and aM is a constant four vector.

I- e - $ ¥ = xa The relationship between the four spinor space and its twin two spinor subspaces is further amplified by the matrix structures Sab = 6/ 0 (7MA,U = -TIXAB AB 0 \ A I *» ' 40 3. Algebraic Aspects V four vectors A^. 13] c (322) =^°=(T £) in the Weyl representation. Now the charge conjugated Dirac spinor tpc obtains as follows. e. 23) where one has used the results —ia\B — 6AB and ia2AB = ieACeBDa2^^ = eAB. Af=(£t), (3-24) so that X^f = (X^f)c. 26d) [M,v,QA] = -(alw)ABQB [QA,R]=QA, [QA,R] = -QA.

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