Spain (Modern World Nations) by Zoran Pavlovic; Reuel Hanks PDF

By Zoran Pavlovic; Reuel Hanks

ISBN-10: 0791066975

ISBN-13: 9780791066973

ISBN-10: 1438105428

ISBN-13: 9781438105420

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Although not marked by violence, a similar campaign for regional autonomy persists in Catalonia, and friction continues with the British over the status of Gibraltar. In many ways, though, Spain has come full circle—having lost an empire, Spaniards are busy remaking their country and their destiny. In recent years, hundreds of thousands of immigrants, most of them from Spain’s former colonies, have added to the country’s economic development and cultural mix. Spain is poised to secure a role as one of Europe’s leading economic powers and a powerful player in the new political dynamic of the European Union, as well as on the global stage.

D. 300. A Christian shrine of great importance during the Middle Ages is located at Compostela, in northern Spain. Here, according to legend, the cathedral at Santiago de Compostela houses the relics of Saint James, one of the Twelve Apostles. The site has attracted millions of visitors from throughout the Christian world for more than 1,000 years. D. 450, Christianity became firmly established as a central element of Spanish identity. The region’s cultural landscape amply attests the importance of religion to the Spanish people.

This air is saturated with moisture, which falls in the form of light and constant rain, rather than as thunderstorms. Constant drizzle contributes to a rather bleak landscape, particularly during the fall and winter months. Residents adapt, though, finding the weather to be a wonderful excuse for a game of chess or a discussion about their favorite soccer team! Very small areas experience climatic conditions not discussed above. These are usually places in which precipitation is unusually low in winter months—locations where physical barriers limit the penetration of moisture-bearing westerly winds and Atlantic air masses.

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