About Me

Ahmad Talat Hasan
Ahmad Talat Hasan

I am Ahmad Hasan, a freelance photographer from Nablus.
I first started the hobby of photographing in 2011 when I was 17 in Qusra village, South of Nablus. That was when tens of settlers attacked the villagers and their lands and started shooting at people randomly. Someone then should have started taking photos to document the brutal acts although it was really dangerous. That was followed by confrontations between the Israeli soldiers and the village young men. Also, that was my first adventure with photography.

The soldiers used all kinds of weapons, and at that time, I didn’t have a bullet-proof suit or a helmet or even a gas mask! I only had my first small camera which I purchased for NIS 200. Shortly after that, similar events took place in Qusra village and some nearby places with too much violence and harshness by the savage Israeli soldiers against the Palestinians.
Those events made me start to care about press photography and Israeli violations against Palestinians. I started to do my work on checkpoints like Huwwara and Beit Fourik where many confrontations happened and still.

After school I joined college to study IT but I didn’t finish because I was more concerned about journalism and media, the field which I found myself enjoying and doing well at. Therefore, I joined another college to study Media.
Recently, I have been working as a freelance press photographer with NUR agency. The risks we face every day at our job are too many and too horrible to the extent that we might simply die at any uncounted moment.

Israeli soldiers of course target us and never care to distinguish between stone throwers or press or even paramedics as they are all Palestinians and deserve to be killed!
I used one simple camera for a whole year to take thousands of shots for happy and sad events. Then finally I could buy a new one and redirect my interest towards professional cameras and lenses. At last I have had the best cameras of Canon and all the camera lenses I used to just dream about. I never imagined I would arrive at this stage but it all happened with mere willing and determination.
I like my job now but I will keep looking forwards; to a better future career that develops my skills, meets my ambitions and improves my condition as a professional, successful journalistic photographer.

I also hope to publish my photos all around the world so that everyone knows the real image of what happens on this holy land.